Apps overview with sparklines

When you open the Apitally dashboard you first land on the Apps page. Here you see an overview of your applications and you can create, edit and delete apps.

The overview includes sparkline graphs of requests for a quick overview of API traffic patterns across apps. This can help to quickly identify unexpected spikes or drops in traffic for any of your apps. Clicking on a graph takes you to the traffic dashboard.

Creating an app

Create app modal

App setup instructions

Adding a new app to Apitally is very straightforward. Simply specify a name, select the framework used by your app and hit Submit. You can optionally add or remove environments as appropriate for your app.

After submitting, you will see tailored instructions on how to set up your application with one of our client libraries.


Apitally allows multiple environments for each app, which means you can track API metrics across different production and non-production environments. A green environment badge in the app overview indicates an environment that is currently online and sending data.

You can manage environments when creating or editing an app. You can also reorder environments so they’re always displayed in an order that makes sense to you, e.g. production > staging > development.

When Apitally starts receiving data from a new environment that doesn’t exist yet, it is created automatically.