By clicking on a row in the endpoints table on the traffic dashboard, you can access detailed insights into the usage and performance of that specific API endpoint.

The endpoint insights are presented in a tabbed interface with the sections described below.


Endpoint insights - Info tab

The Info tab presents metadata about the endpoint, such as the summary and description, if provided by your application (e.g. via the OpenAPI schema).


Endpoint insights - Requests tab

The Requests tab provides different breakdowns of the requests made to the API endpoint. At the top you see a summary with the following metrics:

  • Total requests
  • Requests per minute
  • Successful requests
  • Client errors
  • Server errors

Below the summary, you find a bar chart showing the distribution of requests over time, broken down by successful and failed requests.

The horizontal bar chart at the bottom shows which API consumers have been making the most requests to this endpoint (top 10). Again, this is broken down by successful and failed requests.


Endpoint insights - Errors tab

The Errors tab provides details about failed requests to your API endpoint. Requests are considered unsuccessful if the response status code is in the 4xx or 5xx range, and the specific status code has not been marked as expected.

At the top you see a breakdown of unsuccessful status codes returned by the endpoint, along with the number of occurrences and the percentage of all requests. You can click on the status codes to navigate to the errors dashboard, which provides more details about that specific error.

An area chart shows a trend of client and server error rates over time. The error rates are calculated as the number of failed requests divided by the total number of requests.

If the endpoint returned validation errors to consumers, the table at the bottom provides details about those errors. That includes the fields that failed validation, the error messages, and the number of occurrences.

Response times

Endpoint insights - Response times tab

The Response times tab provides insights into the performance of the API endpoint, measured by the time it takes to respond to requests. In the summary at the top you see the median, 75th, 90th and 95th percentile of response times.

The area chart below shows how these percentiles have been trending over time.

Additionally you see a histogram of response times, providing a full picture of the distribution of response times for the endpoint, including any outliers.

Data transferred

Endpoint insights - Data transferred tab

The Data transferred tab provides insights into the size of payloads received and sent by the API endpoint. These are based on the Content-Length headers in the requests and responses.

The summary at the top includes the total amount of data transferred in the selected period as well as the average sizes of requests and responses.

The bar chart below shows the distribution of data transferred over time, broken down by incoming (requests) and outgoing (responses).

There are also histograms of the request and response sizes, so you can get a full picture of their distribution, including any outliers.